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Grooming Policies

Ash Way Pet Supply & Grooming Pet Release Form

Thank you for choosing Ash Way Pet Supply for your pet’s grooming needs. Ash Way Grooming prides itself on providing the best care for your best friend. Before grooming your pet, we will request for you to carefully read and agree to our terms of service. They are as follows:

If your pet has any medical problems, please be sure to make us aware of them prior to grooming, preferably at booking. This way we can take the necessary steps to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety. Sometimes grooming can expose a pre-existing condition such as ear infections, skin abnormalities, etc. While we are not Veterinarians and therefore cannot diagnose such conditions, we may advise you to seek veterinary attention.

If your pet has any history of biting, please notify us prior to grooming. This will help prevent injury to us and your pet. If your pet has behavioral issues, we will try our best to work through them with you, however there may be additional charges due to the extra time it takes, up to $15. In the unlikely event that we cannot complete the grooming process, we will immediately call you and have you pick up your pet. In this case PRO-RATED CHARGES MAY APPLY.

We require all of our clients to use a monthly flea treatment. This will prevent the spread of fleas in the salon. If your pet has fleas, we will automatically administer a flea bath and alert you to the situation. Depending on the severity of the case, there may be an additional $15 charge for shampooing, time, and cleaning time necessary to ensure fleas are not active in the salon.
If your pet’s coat is extremely matted, it may need to be shaved down. We will always obtain permission before shaving your pet. A matted coat prevents air from reaching your pet’s skin, which may cause your pet to bite or scratch itself, resulting in irritated skin that does not heal properly. Shaving uncovers these conditions, as well as any other skin conditions that may be present due to lack of grooming. Please note that it is difficult to shave down a matted pet and may cause skin irritation. In severe cases, there will be an extra charge for this situation due to the amount of extra work and blade care required.

De-matting is free for the first ten minutes. Afterwards, the rate for dematting is $1.00/minute. In cases of severe matting, we can either shave your dog down to let his/her hair re-grow. We will not brush out a dog that is severely matted, as it can be a long and painful process. If you like we are more than happy to show you the correct brushes and techniques to use for your pet’s coat.

Ash Way Pet Supply reserves the right to refuse service to any pet who presents a threat to our employees or other pets in our care. This includes but is not limited to: Aggression, Health and Parasite problems other than fleas.


By signing your pet in at our salon, you authorize that you understand and agree to our terms of service; you understand and agree to hold harmless Ash Way Pet Supply, its owners, employees and affiliates from and against any and all liabilities, expenses, damage and fees resulting from any service provided to your pet while in our care.

You further authorize Ash Way Pet Supply to transport your pet to the nearest veterinarian for medical care in the event of an emergency, and agree that any resulting Veterinary bills will be your sole responsibility.

Following your dog's grooming experience, please take a few minutes to assess their condition or discover any shortcomings. Satisfaction is gauranteed and we will fix any flaws you may find at the time of service or up to 48 hours past the original appointment. We do not issue refunds for grooming, however are always happy to work with you to get just the look you're after.